Table Mate II: Is It As Good As They Say?

by admin on June 26, 2013

If there is a Table Mate II, then there is obviously a previous version. How they differ from each other and what makes Table Mate II unique and well-accepted among users are things you will find out here.

What Is Table Mate II?

Like its first model, Table Mate II is a compact, folding table with a variety of features and uses. It is great for both indoor and outdoor use and is great for everything you need a table surface for. It has all the features of the previous Table Mate but there is actually one cool feature that makes it unique and a lot better than the older one – the built-in adjustable cup holder.

Special Feature

The built-in adjustable cup holder is not just a place you can put your glass of drink on. It ensures that you do not spill your drink while you are busy with any activity. Since this portable table adjusts in 6 heights and 3 angles, it can be easy to make a mess if you just put your beverage on the table surface. With the ingenious design of Table Mate II, however, your drink stays in place whatever position or angle the table is in.

When you are using your laptop or any electronic device, you want to make sure your gadget is safe from getting wet so you put your drinks at a reasonable distance. Minus the built-in cup holder you will need another surface to put your glass of drink on or walk to and from the kitchen to get or return your beverage. This added feature, however, adds more convenience and at the same time secures that your things are safe, and that you do not make any mess.

What People Love About It?

Compared to standard desks or other portable tables, the Table Mate II has the complete features that will suit your every need. Upon researching about this product, certain points were clearly emphasized by actual users. The following are just a few things that people love about the Table Mate II.

  • Compact – Its size and weight makes it very easy to transfer from one place in the house to another, even outside for any outdoor activities. You do not need to sweat to lift one – even kids can easily pull it in and out of the storage. Because of its compact design, the table is very easy to store. It folds flat and can be kept under the couch or anywhere else.
  • Versatility – Because it can be adjusted to 6 different heights and 3 angles, it is like owning 18 tables in 1. You can use it as a serving table, laptop table, study desk, reading table, writing table, card table and other board games, patio tray table, workbench for your tools in the garage, utility table, and camping table among many others. Everybody from kids to seniors will love its many uses and will be surprised to find many other things it is good for.
  • Durability – It may appear rather flimsy but you will be surprised that this table can actually hold up to 50 pounds. What’s more, even with something heavy on it, you can still drag or slide it with just a finger. Unlike other products or the counterfeits, this table is designed to last. It is made with sturdy and quality materials and that is already proven by a lot of users. Some people were saying the opposite when they tried to lean over on top of the table. It is important to note that though it can hold up to 50 pounds, it is not designed for the weight of a person. The product is not created to be a chair.

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